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You got Questions, the Bible has Answers

Christians most commonly call the Bible the "Word of God". The word of God is Scripture. The Word of God is Jesus. The word “Bible” comes from a Greek word which means “book.” While there are many great books in the world, this book is the greatest of them all. Since God is its author, it is a sacred book. As a work of man, the Bible is like any other book, except it is without error. When we approach the Bible, we approach Jesus, we approach the Word of God; and to encounter Jesus, we must approach him in a prayerful study of these Sacred Scriptures.

In this Biblical Religion Study, what does it mean when we say that "All Scripture is inspired by God". This means that God is the primary author of the Bible. He certainly employed human authors in this task, but He did not merely assist them while they wrote. God is the principal author of Scripture, while the human writers were instruments to complete the task. Righteous individuals were prompted by the Spirit to record both the sacred things they saw and the inspired words they heard and spoke. Other devoted people were prompted to protect and preserve these records. God used more than forty men over a period of more than fifteen hundred years to write the Bible, but He is the only author. The words of this book are the very words of God. For this reason, the Bible is often called the Word of God.

God's desire is to make himself known to the world and to enter into relationship with every man, woman, and child He has created. God gave us the Scriptures not just to inform or motivate us; but also He wants to save us.

The Holy Bible is a miracle comprizing of 4,000 years of sacred and secular history recorded and preserved by the prophets, apostles, and inspired churchmen. Also it is a miracle that we have the Bible's powerful doctrine, principles, poetry, and stories. The Holy Bible is Holy because it teaches truth, because it teaches us to know God and understand how He deals with men, and because it testifies of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Since the Bible is divinely inspired, it must be without error in everything that its divine and human authors affirm as truth. The Bible is the book of the Church and for the Church. Therefore read Holy Scripture, not only as individuals, but as members of His Church.

Millions of individuals have come to faith in God and Jesus Christ through seeking truth in the Holy Bible. Enter today into this Biblical Religion Study and see how grateful you will be as you study the Holy Bible. In it we learn not only of the life and teachings and doctrines of Christ, we learn of His Church.

A Biblical Religion Study is crucial, since all other doctrines come from it; it is a reliable and accurate source of truth. The Bible contains all the other doctrines that we are too believe. Since your faith is founded upon the Scriptures, it is important that you study about it. The study of the Doctrine of the Bible is called Bibliology.

The Bible is the complete revelation of God. There will be no further revelation until we gather in His presence in Heaven. There is no need for and will be no further revelation, for He has revealed all that we need to know in the Bible.

The meaning of inspiration means “God-breathed.” Those who accept the full inspiration of the Scriptures believe every word of the Bible was given by inspiration. They teach that from Genesis to Revelation the Bible is the Word of God. They do not believe it merely contains the words of God, but that it is the Word of God.

Because God is the author of every word of the Bible, two words are aptly used to describe it. The first word is inerrant. This means the Bible is free from error. Since every word of the Bible is from God, you can rest assured that it is without error. The second word is infallible. This means it is dependable or trustworthy. Because the Bible is the inspired Word of God, it is trustworthy as the authority for all matters of faith and practice.

God has also divinely intervened to preserve the Bible for each generation. It is only logical that the God who gave His words would preserve them! The result of preservation is that you have a Bible which is still as inerrant and as infallible as the original writings penned under inspiration.

The canon of Scriptures refers to a measuring line or a rule. Only those writings which passed these guidelines would be included in the Holy Scriptures. Of paramount importance was whether or not a writing glorified Christ. Those writings that were accepted must glorify Christ. Those that failed this test were rejected. It was through these rules or that the twenty-seven books of the New Testament were recognized as sacred writings. They were included in the canon of the Scriptures which you have today. Not only did God preserve His word through the copying of the Scriptures, but He also used the canon of Scriptures to collect only those writings which were sacred.

Those individuals authorized by the King of England to translate the Scriptures, had too main characteristics. First, they were distinguished by their outstanding scholarship and gifted linguists. Secondly, the reverence that these men had for the Holy Scriptures that they were to translate distinguished them. These men understood well that they were responsible for translating the words of God into the common language of their day.

To accomplish the work of translation, these scholarly men divided into six groups with each group was assigned specific portions of the Holy Scriptures to translate. Each man of a group was given a portion of the Scriptures that were assigned to his group. After each one completed his work, it was carefully reviewed by each member. As each group finished the Scriptures given them, their work was reviewed by the other committees. The completed work was then reviewed by those chosen from the committees for the final review. Their goal was to translate the Holy Scriptures accurately from its original languages into the English language. Because of the differences in the original languages and the English language, they sometimes had to add words for clarity that not in the original text. So you would know that these words were not found in the original text, they italicized these words. Such was their reverence for the Holy Scriptures which they translated!

God has preserved His Word which He gave by inspiration. Begin a Biblical Religion Study today. The Bible is as much of a preserved, inerrant, and infallible Word of God as the original writings. You have a trustworthy Bible upon which to base your faith and practice.

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