The cross of Christ God's Mercy and Grace
You got Questions, the Bible has Answers

What happens when you die. Does life continue or is that the end of existence. What happens to the body, the Spirit, the soul. Is the grave or cemetery the end of life or is there more. What does the Bible say and can I believe it anyway. All interesting thoughts. Since none of us can escape death, we should at least consider it. The physical body eventually does decay in the ground but is that the real you. Does Heven and Hell come in the picture somewhere?

God created us in His image and gave us life, without Him there would be no you. While you area living being with a physical body he gave you a living soul.

At death, your human spirit leaves your human body, the body decays or degenerates; but the human spirit lives on. In public education in are not taught this and because this concerns your eternity I emphasize the importance of this subject.

In the Bible, in the book of Revelation it speaks about the Great White Throne Judgement where people will be judged by God. The Bible says the small and great,- all professions of life, the rich and poor, the educated and not educated, doctors, professors, politicians, world leaders, are all judged the same. How many will face this judgement? Nearly all of these will appear at the great white throne, only those who are true followers of Jesus Christ will not be judged. They will have already been judged, and given rewards, at the judgement seat of Christ.

Who is a true follower of Jesus Christ ? I am not talking about a particular religion, church or denomination; but those who have repented of their sinful ways, and asked God into their life. When Christ died on the cross, he took all our sin upon Himself and paid the penalty for our sin, but it is still up to us. You must recognize your sin, confess it to God.

Who will be at the great white throne and as a result be cast into the lake of fire. All those who have truly not repented of their sin, believed that Jesu died for thier sin, trusted in Him and asked Jesus to come into their lives. Many that believe in false religions will be there. Many believe they have done many good things, many have gone into Churches and carried out many religious activities. Even some among those who consider themselves born-again Christians, will be there. Will you be there?

By the world's standards, some are very nice people, but God will not judge us by the world's standards; but by His laws and His commandments, and whether we accept the death of His Son Jesus Christ as paying the penalty for our sins. He will judge us on whether we received the death of His Son Jesus and their is no other way into Heaven.

We won't hear this in our public schools or education system because Satan has fed the lie of separating church and state. It is clear that our countries were founded as Christian countryies based on God's laws, but this has long been forgotten and trampled under foot.

Will you continue to believe the lies, one religion as good as another, or no religion any good. Will you continue to turn you back and laugh at God and His laws and do your own thing? Consider if you do, you will be at the great white throne, and after your judgement, you will be cast into the lake of fire, which is forever and ever. Repent now while you can.

READ Revelation 20:5,6 and Revelation 20:11-13.

Life after Death