For by Grace You have been Saved and not of Works

Paul was writing in this epistle to the Saints at Ephesus (Eph. 1:1) Here in Eph. 2:8,9 he was reminding them that they had been saved by the marvellous grace of God, a grace that we could not fully comprehend. Paul continues to write that salvation is only available to us because of God and His grace, not of man; and that ‘faith' is our part. It is His grace, but for us it is ‘through faith'; a faith that is in Jesus himself.

The Bible is clear that we are all sinners (Rom. 3:23; 6:23) and undeserving of any grace; but the love of Jesus Christ is so awesome that in spite of our sin, he reached down to us through His own death and resurrection on that cross.

It is necessary for us to acknowledge that we are sinners and cannot do anything (referred to in the Bible as works) to save ourselves. It is through faith that we need to recognize that it is the sacrifice that Jesus made for us at Calvary that we can be saved. Paul reminds the Ephesians and us today that salvation is ‘not of works so no man may boast'. There is no work of any quality or quantity that any man can do, thus no person can boast of their works as having any power to save themselves.

If their works could save them in any way; Jesus sacrifice would have been in vain.

Come to Jesus today, from your heart recognize that you are a sinner in need of salvation, ask Jesus to come into your heart and save you from your sin. If you ask Him with a sincere and trustful heart He will save you.

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