Does God exist? Straight forward reasons to believe that God is real.

Who is God? Is God who He claims to be? What do we know about God and what can we learn about Him? Is there any relevance of Him to our lives?

For many in their search to find God they look for Greek gods, Egyptian gods, sun gods, gods in idols, ancient gods and so on. It is great to look back in history to learn how people had defined God; but this does not give us a true representation of God. First you need to know who God really is, and then make it personal to you.

Does God exist? The Bible says that God has always existed; that God was from everlasting to everlasting. God is without a beginning or an end, He just always was.

Where did God come from? He really didn't, God just always was. Eternity is a term that we finite creatures use to express the concept of something that has no end. We think in terms of time, that is how God made us, but He is outside the realms of time.

God created all matter, He created the universe and everything from its large expanse to the smallest particle. God created time when He created the universe. Before that, God was simply existing and time had no meaning. To ask where God came from cannot really be applied to God in the first place. The true attributes of God that are most common include God's omniscience, God's omnipotence and God's omnipresence. Also the words omniscience - all knowing, omnipotence - all powerful, and omnipresence - present everywhere; are also not found in the Bible, but these words describe the attributes of God.

When we think of God in terms like Greek gods, Egyptian gods, sun gods, gods in idols, ancient gods; then we are defining God to an area or object, something inanimate that has no real being about it. This makes God very impersonal to us. As we continue to look more, we will see how God is real and relevant to us.

There are many straightforward reasons to believe that God is real. So does He really exist?

The word 'trinity' is a term used to denote the doctrine that God exists as three distinct persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Each of the persons is distinct from the other, yet identical. Each person of the trinity is fully divine in nature, but each is not the total of the other persons of the Trinity. The Father is not the Son who is not the Holy Spirit who is not the Father. Each is divine, there are not three gods, but one God. The doctrine of the Trinity teachs that there exists a single being known as God who is self-existent and unchangeable. The word 'trinity' is not found in the Bible but the concept is there.

God refers to Himself often as 'Father God' never as mother. God is love and God desires justice and righteousness. Justice and equity are very important to God but so much more is grace and mercy.

God holds every person accountable for their own lives but Gods Mercy and Grace is available to all of us as sinners, in need of Salvation.

God gave us Himself in the person of Jesus Christ who paid the penalty for our sin and for all who accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, will have eternal life with God in Heaven after they pass from this earth.

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